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Be a Trader and not a Gambler

Hello Friend,

From my previous articles, I mentioned
four trades we can make money from.
and RANDOM INDEX. I will continue
from where I stopped to finish this
class and move to the next one.

Based on my explanation of
the markets, It is very clear that if
you will be trading on Forex, Indices
and commodities, then you are trading
and not gambling.

This is because before you place
a trade you must be sure of the
strategy you will be using before
making your prediction.

Else, you will be gambling.
Be a Trader and not a Gambler.

However, if you are trading on
Random Index or a trade called
RUN BET which has no financial
history or anything to determine
what moves the market, then you
are gambling and not trading.

You can call yourself a trader only
if you have any financial strategy to
back your predictions.

For example,
If you want to predict that EUR/USD
will rise in the next 6 hours. You must
have done your market analysis very
well to be 80-90% sure that the pair
will rise or go in your predicted directions.

You are a Gambler if all you do is to
predict whether the market will
move UP or Down after 5 ticks.
How on earth will you be able to do
that…this is what the trade called
RUN BET is all about and its
Stay away from this type of trade.

The ones I will recommend to you is
to trade on Forex and Commodities.
I will talk more on these two markets
in our next course “How To Place A Trade”.
You can’t afford to miss the next class.

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