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How to Withdraw from Neteller in Nigeria through eTradeXchange

September 5, 2015 by articles, blog No Comments

Its pretty easy to withdraw from your Neteller account into any banks in Nigeria. We will be showing you the steps to follow to make a successful withdraw from Neteller processed into any banks in Nigeria within few hours.

Kindly take your time to read the simple steps. Lets get started.

1: First of all, visit our website www.etradexchange.net to register if you are not a member yet and check our current buy and sell rate.

2: Transfer your Neteller funds to our Neteller email account: get it here

how to withdraw from neteller in Nigeria through etradexchange.net

3: Immediately after a successful transfer, login to our site and click on buy and sell button.

how to withdraw from neteller through etradexchange

4: Fill the Sell form with your bank account details. This will notify us of your transfer. We  pay into any of the banks in Nigeria.

buy and sell form

5: Once we receive the funds and you have filled the Sell form, your withdrawal will be processed within few hours.

Its as simple as that. If you want more information about anything related to what we do, kindly send us an email on support@etradexchange.net. Our support team are always online to reply emails as soon as possible.