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How to make a successful Deposit on eTradeXchange.net

This article will show you the step by step instructions to follow if you want to make a successful Cash/ Internet Transfer deposit on any of the e-wallets available on our site.

To avoid any delay on your transactions, kindly carefully follow the simple steps below.


1: Log in to your eTradeXchange account to get our bank details, on the right side of the page, click on the “Need our Bank Details Click Here

click here for bank details

2: Copy and Pay into any of the bank details on the page.

3: Write on the deposit slip or in your internet banking platform description or remarks as follows:

Your login “Username” on our site.

An example is: If you want to fund your Binary account, you will put it on the Depositor name as “Kunlexx” i.e your login username on our site.

If you are paying for PerfectMoney, you will write this as Depositor Name: “Hammedo”

If you are paying for Bitcoin, you will write this as Depositor Name: “Chikay12″

If you are paying through Internet Transfer, kindly state your USERNAME ONLY in the remarks, description, or comment box

This is very important when you are paying into our bank account. Tell them at the bank to post your funds like that.

4: After paying, fill the Buy Form on our site to notify us of your deposit.

buy for form

5: Our payment team will credit your account once they have received your payment from the bank. Please note that we fund as soon as we confirm the deposit but all transactions are completed within 12 hours.

If you need to know the status of your order, email our support. Don’t fill the form again to avoid unnecessary delay.

If you follow the 5 simple steps above, you are sure of getting your account funded in due time. If you need more information, email our support on support@ etradexchange. net for instant response.

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