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Best Time to Trade on Deriv.com

Getting the right trading time to trade
is a great key to your success in trading
binary and Forex.

Most people trade only based on their trading
analysis. No matter what  you use
in making your trading decision, get the
most effective time to trade will help
you a long way in your trades.

The Forex market is generally active and
moving most of the time, however some
periods are more active than others.

The best and the most effective  time to trade:
There are 3 world markets time:
For the purpose of this article only.

1. UK trading session:                     8am-5pm
2: NEW YORK trading  session:     1pm-9pm
3: ASIA trading session:                 10pm-8am

All the time here are in Nigeria Time.
To get the time on GMT just minus (-1).
i.e 8am -5pm will be 7am-4pm on GMT.

There are more to the time above but
this is all you need as a beginner.

Overlapping trading session is the best
of all. It’s basically trading on markets

How do you know when a market is volatile?
How to take advantage of that is
explained in my NEW EBOOK.

A comprehensive explanation is in my
NEW Deriv EBOOK coming out soon.

Keep in mind that if you trade anytime of the day,
its best for you to note these sessions as it will
help you take extra advantage of the markets.

As a binary trader, my advice is that don’t trade
if you are not in any of the trading sessions.

I will be talking about the best currencies to
trade with as a Deriv/Forex  trader and why
you should trade it in my next article.



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