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Types of BINARY.COM Trade

Hello Friend

I was very fortunate yesterday
when I stumbled upon a material
online that can help me make a
good prediction in Forex and not
only that, what makes it a unique
one is that I can use it to predict
on commodity market too.

It’s awesome right?
I bet you I’m going to make
thousands on Binary.com with this material.

Let’s discuss about today’s class:

Various Types of Trades or Bets

Binary.com has different trades available
on their platform. I hope you
remember in the course content of
the course where I mentioned
that in this class I will tell you
the difference between Trading
and Gambling. Ok good let’s move on.

There are various types of Trades/Bets:

1. Forex,
2. Indices
3 Commodities
4 Random Index

These are the four types of trade on Binary.com.
Let’s pick them one after the other.

1. Forex: there are different types
of currency pairs to trade with on Binary.com.
Must major, minor and Pacific pairs
are available for traders to predict on.
This will give you the room to choose
any type of currencies you are good at.

Trading Forex on Binary.com is by prediction
the direction where the pairs will
be heading too. RISE, FALL or SIDEWAYS.

2. Indices: It’s a list of different
countries stock markets. If you are
good at predicting the stock markets,
this is the best market for you to
trade and make good money.

They have German Stocks,
Australia stocks, South African stock,
Irish Index, Italian Index….etc

3. Commodities: are the raw materials
humans use to create a livable world.
Humans use energy to sustain themselves,
metals to build weapons and tools, and
agricultural products to feed themselves.

Commodities materials are:
Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.
On Binary.com, you will have the chance to
trade or predict on any of the
commodity materials.

If you are good in predicting the
commodity market, then this trade is for you.

4. Random Index: It’s a stock index
whose price is simulated using random
numbers. Unlike real market stock
indices whose prices depend on the
prices of individual stocks listed
on the Exchange.

The price or direction of the
random index cannot be predicted
with certainty and thus behaves
like real market index.

These are all the Valid and profitable
trades on Binary.com site. I will stop here
for today until my next class.

BOM Expert

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