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Attention: AOL RESOURCES (eTradeXchange) only provide the service on Buying & Selling of ewallets currencies ONLY. We do not sell recharge card printing, Visa or Lotteries or give a JOB offers. If any body tells you to pay into any account for such services, it is a SCAM. Verify and confirm any claim by chatting with our live support or call any of our numbers above. AOL RESOURCES (eTradeXchange) will not be responsible for such claim. Please check our current prices before sending money to us. NOTE: Only certified members can make ONLINE TRANSFER or BANK USSD CODE. We dont accept ATM MACHINE transfer or third-party payment. If you need any assistance, you can now chat with us on our Whatsapp on 07011301714.

JustForex (Sell or Buy)

If you want to LOAD your JUSTFOREX account, you will need to pay into our bank account before filling the form below.

If you are a Certified customer on our site, you need to put your eTrade USERNAME in the description/remarks/narration on your bank platform when transferring funds to us.

After paying, click on the BUY button below and fill the form with your payment details.


To Withdraw from your JUSTFOREX account.

Carefully follow the steps below:

1: Log into your JustForex account

2: Click on Account Operations, and choose “Withdrawal”.

3: Select the account you want to withdraw from (MT4 or MT5)

4: Check your email for the “Verification Token”

5: Choose eTradeXchange (Nigeria and Ghana) from the Withdrawal method list

5: Type in the amount and your withdrawal Pin code and click on “Withdrawal“.

6: Wait for the transaction confirmation by the JustForex Finance department.

7: Come back to this page and fill the Sell Form below.

For more help chat with us on WhatsApp on 07011301714 or send an email to support2@ etradexchange.net.

You are required to login to perform transaction, please login with the form on the right to continue on this site

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